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The articles cover printing paper selection, printing basics, desktop publishing, electronic prepress, file preparation and much more. It focuses on how to save time, aggravation and maximize your budget.

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iGen Digital Press
Dramatically increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Economical full color, short run press with variable data.

Use Word, PowerPoint, Publisher with Confidence
Create print-ready PDF's on-line for free.

New Services!
We now offer high-quality hot-leaf stamping, die cutting, embossing & thermography
Create over 1,000,000 metallic colors using CMYK and silver.
Spot UV
The most dramatic contrast between gloss and dull available on a printed piece.
Co-Res Screening
300 LPI printing and new screens come closer to continuous tone than ever possible before.
Remote Proofing
Now available in two-page spreads so you can follow page-by-page.
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Want your job to come out right?
Who doesn't? There are a lot of things you can do to ensure that the printed piece you get matches your expectations. One of the most important aspects is managing the proofing process. We're highlighting articles on common types of proofs and when to use them, along with tips on how to approve proofs. We've even included a handy checklist you can print out and use next time you're approving a proof.
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